Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nightmare Fuel Theater 2 - The Water Babies

Today, we take on a magical musical adventure under the sea... that is moderately magical, not very musical, and not under the sea a whole lot. ; What it DOES have is a metric ton of "What The Fuck?!?"

NOTE: So, my house was robbed last week... They got the camcorder, the good computer, and a bunch of other stuff. I apologize for a couple glitchy bits of video that I couldn't reshoot. Hopefully, I'll get things replaced quickly enough that I'll have an update on time next month... I was hoping to move the update schedule up to biweekly, but that'll have to happen later rather than sooner. Poop. :( On the plus side, I'll probably wind up moving to HD! Yay better video quality.

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