Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good news: Episode 3 is filmed and in the editing stage, about half finished. I still don't have a good videocamera (insurance process is slow), but I managed to get stuff recorded on our zi6. I was hoping to have it done for the weekend.

Bad news: My Mac just exploded. Piff. Not reading the main drive. I'm hoping that my backup was working right and caught everything, but I know it was tight for space and I think my editing folder was one of the 'save it if you can' parts.

So, I don't have access to my footage, my editing suite, my audio...anything. It's all locked up. Dammit. :( It looks like, if things go well, I'll have it done for next week. If things go poorly- and things were already sub-optimal- it may take longer.

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